A personal touch: 3 tasks that should never be automated

A personal touch: 3 tasks that should never be automated

Kit Reaux, GoodFriend Pro

Embracing technology can greatly assist in streamlining your business operations. For example, GoodFriend helps your clients find you online and book a service directly in just a few clicks. This ease of use is something that clients are coming to expect from their pet care professionals. In an age where automation is the norm, however, you may find that a personal touch is that much more appreciated by your clients. Though we recommend optimization operations to save time and money wherever possible, the following tasks should be done in person.

Initial consultation

Choosing a pet professional for their fur baby is a decision taken seriously by pet owners. Their first impression of your business should be arms open wide ready to provide their pet with the best possible care. This is also a great opportunity to have the client explain special needs or concerns. The initial consultation provides the foundation for your relationship with that client and their pet, put in the extra effort and make it a good one.

The loss of a pet

No matter the pet’s age or the situation, the loss of a pet can be devastating to a pet parent. A handwritten sympathy card sharing memories of the pet and offering your condolences will be so appreciated. For an extra touch, print any pictures you have of the pet or offer a small gift to show support. Sensitivity is key. This is not an opportunity to offer a promotion, discount, or reference caring for the owner’s future pets. 

Responding to an incident

Have you ever been frustrated on the phone going through automated menu after automated menu desperately trying to reach a person? When people are upset, they want to speak to a person, feel heard, and be assured that the incident will not happen again. Most bad reviews are the result of several opportunities to listen and help being missed. When an incident occurs, gain control of the situation, explain what happened to the pet parent, and if needed, offer some form of compensation. These actions will assure the pet parent that their pet is in safe and capable hands.

Automations are a great way to streamline daily operations in your business. Finding the balance between automated efficiency and an authentic human experience is essential for maintaining happy clients while growing your pet care business. 

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