Logo-worthy swag your clients will actually use

Logo-worthy swag your clients will actually use

Kit Reaux, GoodFriend Pro

Whether it’s from an event or a welcome gift, everyone loves a swag bag. The usual lifespan of a swag item is much the same as the toys in a Happy Meal — there is a burst of excitement followed by the items getting left on counters and in junk drawers before eventually getting thrown away. Though everyone loves free stuff, it’s important that your investment doesn’t go into the trash. To fight the swag bag cycle, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite brand-ready items that are just too good to toss. 

Pet baggie dispenser with flashlight

Regular poop bag holders are a necessity, but most pet owners already have one or two already. This unique customizable version from features a flashlight which stands out among traditional holders and is perfect for those late night potty breaks. It also comes in a variety of colors and has a handy carabiner clip for easy hands-free walks. 

All-in-one travel water/food holder with bowl 

With the frequent stops to potty, drink, and eat, traveling with pets can be tough. This customizable all-in-one option from takes the guesswork out of packing for your pooch. Though it may cost a little more than the regular collapsible rubber bowls, it makes up for it with its versatility. Hand this bottle out and your brand will be promoted by happy pet parents enjoying them on trips for years to come.

Pet bath brush

If you’re not a professional, bathtime for an extra fluffy pup can be tricky. This easy to clean silicone pet bath brush from Brilliant Promos is great for maintenance between grooms. The flexible bristles help to distribute shampoo while also providing a massage for pets. It also works for dry brushing. Choose a color that best matches your brand and add your logo to the back to be a regular part of your clients’ at home pet care routine.  

Clear measuring pet food cups

With the dietary needs of pets changing as they grow and the different requirements of pet foods, this budget-friendly measuring cup will become a staple in the toolkit of pet parents. Featuring clear fill lines and plenty of real estate for your logo and contact information, this simple measuring cup from Animals Ink will pay for itself faster than you can say “dinner time!”

Finding your swag

Looking through sites for promotional materials can be overwhelming. When choosing items to promote your business, find products that your target audience will find useful, but are also unique enough to stand out among other items they likely have at home. Because there is no one-size-fits-all promotional item, your understanding of your market will play a big part in what items work best to promote your business. 

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