Pro Spotlight: Pooch La Vie

Pro Spotlight: Pooch La Vie

Meet Marianella

GoodFriend connects pet parents with passionate pet care pros working to give their pets the best possible care. Pros like Marianella Moore, owner of Pooch La Vie Grooming in Philadelphia. Marianella began grooming dogs from her basement and has grown her business to a full operation with over 2,000 clients. We recently sat down with Marianella to learn more about the company she’s built, her specialties as a groomer, and how GoodFriend is helping Pooch La Vie to reach and book new clients.


How did you get started with grooming and what led you to opening Pooch La Vie?

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur — I just didn't know at what capacity and I knew that I loved animals. I actually just wanted to try something different. And I said, “Oh, dog grooming looks like a profitable business and I get to play with dogs all day.” So I decided to go that route, and I never turned back. 

What sets Pooch La Vie apart from other grooming salons?

We are definitely known for our creative grooming — adding unique coat patterns and creating art on their dogs. Many of our clients travel long distances for this type of service. We use non-toxic, vegan-based dyes specifically designed for use on pets. I feel that the creativity we put into these grooms sets us apart from other salons. Philadelphia is a creative city, but I don't see this type of work that often. 


 groomed shih tzu with pet safe rainbow dye in ears, hair and tailGroomed standard poodle with pet safe pink and purple dye and rainbow polka dots

Unlike traditional groomers which offer more cut and dry grooming services, Pooch La Vie’s menu has an elevated spa feel. Does your clientele want a luxury spa experience for their pets?

Yes, people are all about their dogs. They always have been, but now they want the full “Spaw Day'' where their dogs are fully pampered. I offer spa packages at our salon that come with nail buffing, teeth cleaning, fancy extras like upgraded argan oil shampoo and people really love getting luxury services for their pets — they go crazy over it.

Besides the actual grooming process, which tasks take the most time out of your day at the salon?

Scheduling takes the most time because it’s not always consistent. When things are looking slower than I’d like, I'll make posts online about going to our website to book. Some weeks we’re booked solid and some weeks we have spots to fill. I want to make sure everyone has enough dogs so that my team is compensated for their time. 

Joining GoodFriend

What motivated you to join GoodFriend?

I love the fact that GoodFriend is helping us groomers out by connecting the pet parents with the pet professionals because it takes that extra work out for us. I wear so many hats in my business — I am the owner of Pooch La Vie, but I'm also managing my staff, grooming dogs, checking in clients, resolving conflicts, training — you name it, I do it all. With all of that going on, GoodFriend gives me peace of mind knowing that there's a platform set up where pet parents can go online, find my business, and book an appointment.

Which specific features did you find most attractive when you were looking to join GoodFriend?

I liked that customers can find us on your platform. With your platform full of pet parents and pet professionals, I'm able to attract new clients and market my business to new people and I don't have to do all the legwork. I really like that aspect of it. Also, I appreciate the that clients can submit schedule requests and they're not automatically approved unless we have the availability and time to fit them in. 

Would you recommend GoodFriend to other groomers?

I would definitely recommend any other groomer to subscribe to your platform because it's going to help them to market to a whole different group of people. I don't know what you guys do and how you do it, but I know that it gets done and that gives me peace of mind. I like knowing that there's going to be extra clients coming in from GoodFriend which will lead to even more clients through word of mouth. 

To learn more about GoodFriend and how it helps groomers like Marianella, visit our How it Works page or contact a member of our team.
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