DaySmart Pet x GoodFriend

Hey DaySmart Pet users,

meet GoodFriend

We’re one platform to help you promote your business and bring in new pet parents. And we’re now partnering with DaySmart Pet. Since you’re a DaySmart Pet user, you’re automatically opted into GoodFriend. Keep reading to find out all the ways we’re here to help.

What is GoodFriend?

GoodFriend is a new online platform that connects pet parents and pet care pros

Think of us as your client discovery platform. We market your business straight to local pet parents searching for trusted, expert services. And we work right alongside DaySmart Pet, so you can continue managing business ops while easily reaching more (and new) clients.

For pet care pros

GoodFriend means more visibility (and more business) from local pet parents

For pet care retailers

GoodFriend is a simple way to add in-shop services and reach more customers

For pet parents

GoodFriend is a quick, trusted tool to find and book the best care for their pets

How will GoodFriend help my grooming business?

GoodFriend helps you grow your business and better serve pet parents

Just by signing up, you help your customers save them time on everything from finding your services to filling out paperwork. All while saving yourself time and stress too.

With GoodFriend you can

Promote your business

Create a consistent online presence with up-to-date information about your business and services.

Reach new customers

Appear in focused search results where pet parents can easily find you by location or services.

Streamline intake, payment, and customer reminders

Use a single tool to manage automated operations, keeping appointment paperwork and records organized.

Grow a loyal

customer base

Build your reputation with reviews from real pet parents who have worked with you.

Here's how

1. Customize your business page

2. Post open appointments

3. Book new and old customers

4. Handle forms and payment

From there, you’re all good to go. As per usual, DaySmart Pet will route your invoice and handle your paperwork. So you can manage everything in one place.

Where can I learn more?

Team GoodFriend
is here to help

Send over questions you have to, and we’ll get back to you asap.


Through this partnership, you'll have a fully customizable GoodFriend business listing where clients can submit appointment requests. The best part? All requests will funnel directly into your DaySmart Pet software where you can then approve or deny them, just like your standard requests. It's that simple!

Your business has been opted-in to the GoodFriend program effective Wednesday, August 17. This means that when pet parents search for local pet groomers in your area using the GoodFriend platform, your business is listed as one of the providers!

Once a pet parent clicks on your business page, they'll have the option to request an appointment directly through the GoodFriend platform. After they've submitted a request, they'll receive a confirmation message stating that it's been sent to your business for review.

Once an appointment request has been submitted, you'll receive an online booking notification within your DaySmart Pet software and have the ability to accept or decline the request, just like your standard online booking requests. It's that simple!

To opt-out of the GoodFriend program, simply navigate to your Online Booking settings within your DaySmart Pet software and uncheck the "Enable GoodFriend Booking" checkbox.

Reach us at to get help with customizing your profile.